Commercial & Residential


At Mr Odd Job we recognize that our team is quite literally our business and that attracting and retaining talented guys and girls is the first (and most important) step to achieving our ambitions (i.e. to be really, really rather great at everything we do..).

What we’re looking for are people who have the skills and experience as well as the personalities that fit with both our services and our values.

As a technical business, the skills and experience are essential. Whilst we will always train and develop our team, the entry level standards are high and we need to know that the right quality can be delivered from day one. Regardless of the specific role, we are looking for the best in class from everyone who wears the uniform.

However, the “X Factor” for Mr Odd Job is those special people who have the necessary skills and knowledge but also have the passion and personality to both do (and be) their best and want to make things better…

That’s what we are all about and our Values sit right at the core of what we do (insert link to values content).

In return, we offer a good salary and benefits package, a wonderful team to work with and the opportunity to develop your potential to new heights.

​We are always interested to talk to interested (and talented) superstars, so please send a current CV and if we have a role that matches your array of abilities we will be in touch to learn more.