• March 28 | 2018

Summer Is Coming!

Three words that in many parts of the world are a cause of glee and anticipation, holidays in the sun, ice creams by the beach, those lovely long days of endless possibility… Wait! Hold up? That’s winter here!

However, in the UAE “Summer Is Coming” is often uttered with a sense of dread and foreboding, familiar to the many viewers of a certain hugely popular Games of Thrones.

Luckily the challenges the summer brings for us hardy inhabitants of Dubai are, on the whole, a little more manageable than the wintry walking dead and enormous flying mythical monsters (although both would probably be very welcome in our cosmopolitan cultural community).

No, our biggest cause of misery can often come from one source and we’ve all experienced or heard the tales about the horror of the A/C failing when it’s hot enough to fry an egg outside (see YouTube – a little dubious and not a Mr. Odd Job recommendation for breakfast).

A night of sweaty sleepless discomfort awaits and even the “cool side” of the pillow brings no reprieve.

But it doesn’t need to be that way… with a few precautions taken, you can navigate the summer with a sense of quiet confidence and serene well-being, knowing that your A/C will continue to deliver a supply of cool clean air… Ah, the bliss!

So here is a three-step plan from which you’ll certainly appreciate the benefits of in the next few months;

Step 1: Have your A/C’s thoroughly serviced by professionals who know what they’re doing and can really provide a comprehensive health check (with a detailed report to prove it)

Step 2: Action any recommendations made or fixes needed. An A/C will have a varying level of ability to work and many different components and factors that can influence this. You want yours to be optimized for the months to come!

Step 3: If required (with the service report confirming this), have the Coils and Ducting cleaned. The impact on your A/C’s efficiency (and energy usage) will be very welcome but the potential positive health impact is so much more attractive. We have pictures of dirty coils and ducts that would make even the walking dead head for the exit!

We won’t try to sell you a service you don’t need. Others may be tempted but we know that honesty really is the best policy and we want our word to mean something. Those reports we mentioned will capture the information needed and if we can evidence an issue we will recommend a solution.

Happy news! Mr. Odd Job provides all these services and we also warranty our work! So even if you’re not sure about signing up for an Annual Maintenance Contract (definitely highly recommended) we will still give you a sixty-day guarantee on A/C servicing and a 12-month guarantee on Coil and Duct cleaning.

Learn more by giving the team a call at 800 ODD JOB. We’re running a series of promotions over the pre-summer months starting from now so don’t delay and book in the A/C summer “serenity” servicing today!