• November 19 | 2017

Who, or more accurately what is Mr Odd Job..?

Introducing Mr Odd Job:

Mr Odd Job is a Maintenance business that has been created from the experience of one too many unsatisfying interactions with the standard services offered by the usual suspects in the maintenance & handyman market.

Late arrivals, questionable skills, a scary lack of basic safety knowledge and communication that doesn’t update or inform but rather confuses and often seems like a backward step.

In an act of defiance we decided to make a stand, and say no to accepting these frustrations!

And so the idea of Mr Odd Job was born, a company that would do the simple things so very well that they would become unremarkable (arrive on time, know your job and actually communicate in a manner that has meaning – really we don’t expect these basics to be worthy of recognition).  We’ll also do the complicated things very well too, after all, most ‘complicated’ things are really just a collection of simple things joined together.

We don’t expect a pat on the back for doing our job properly, to the high standard you should expect and that will eliminate a maintenance headache (not just delay further trouble). No, we want to create a customer experience that actually leaves a positive feeling and a sense of value being imparted long after our team has finished the job and moved on to their next destination

Home maintenance is a necessity, it can be a source of stress and can seem like just another tax that has a cost but no positive return. We want to change that perception and help to create an understanding that the health of your home is a positive investment that benefits the health of you and your family (including our furry and feathery friends)….

Taking the idea for Mr Odd Job from concept to reality has been fun, at times a little frantic and certainly fast paced… The team has grown from the core of a long-standing maintenance service division for one of the UAE’s prestigious local enterprises, Al Tamimi Investments, and has attracted expertise and personalities that fully match our passion along the way. We have transformed something technically adept that was tried and tested into a customer focused service that will set a standard for others to follow.

Where did the name come from? Well, we wanted something memorable and descriptive but also a little playful. After all, we don’t want everyone to think we take ourselves too seriously.  That said, we do take our work very seriously and our passion to produce great results is undeniable. We wanted a name that would be easy to remember and associate with what we do. A name that whilst simple will be one that builds trust and is associated with our core values; customer focused service, efficiency, honesty, and integrity.  We are confident that every job will be a good job with Mr Odd Job.

The brand and what it stands for can be felt across all areas of the business.  Take our vans, well we really do love our vans, their design is very smart.  We think they’ll definitely look good outside your front door!  We take pride in the appearance, be it our vans or team uniforms because we take pride in what we do.  We feel strongly that if you’re looking good and feeling good then you are building the foundations to help ensure your work is great too!

Our passion for customer service means that we will always be looking for ways to improve and add value to our services (and therefore our customers). This won’t mean trying to sell gimmicks or technology that may be labeled as a lifesaver (that you never knew you needed) but just creates another point of disconnection. No, we’ll leave that to someone else.

We do want to help inform and educate (but not preach) and when we believe that there is real value to an innovation or improvement we’ll be the first to say so based on knowledge gained and our expertise in that field.

Most importantly though will be our commitment to doing the simple things so well that you’ll maybe not even notice them, providing you a service that is unremarkable to the point of being excellent.

Straight-forward processes, transparent solutions, and excellent communication. It does sound simple. Knowing and respecting what can go wrong, makes it far easier to get things right. A fact that underpins what we do and how we do it.

One of the dictionary definitions of ‘Odd’ is; “different to what is usual or expected”

And maybe that’s exactly what we are.  Mr Odd Job is not the usual or expected maintenance service. We’re a lot better than that and we look forward to the chance of proving this to you very soon.