• June 26 | 2018

We’re Partnering with Proven Purification Systems Provider (a bit of a mouthful, but read the below to learn more…)

Exciting News!!

We’re all aware that sometimes the spate of nasty coughs and difficult sniffs and sneezes seems to be laying siege to our way of life here in the UAE. Not that this is perhaps unusual as some “bugs” do the rounds at certain times of the year, wherever we are in the world. However, add in some strange skin irritants and unexpected allergies and environmental conditions can become a little… well uncomfortable.

One aspect of our UAE living that we cannot do without is the reliance upon A/C for seven to eight months of the year (or perhaps all twelve). The A/C is our trusty friend and in high summer is rarely off, which means that in our homes (and offices) the majority of the air we breathe will have been cycled through our ventilation systems passing over that wonderful coil and coming out all cool and refreshing. If the A/C is regularly serviced and well maintained, then that will go a long way towards confidently inhaling cool clean(ish) air. Add in the (preferably annual) coil and duct cleaning and you have spent well, investing into creating a healthy and comfortable ambient environment.

There is a next step though… whilst coil and duct cleaning do a very good job in cleaning and sanitizing the A/C and ventilation, as with any cleaning activity from the moment the job has been completed the results will start to diminish.

Now we’re confident in the quality of our work and know that a regularly cleaned coil will benefit our health and wallet (lower running costs, better output, no build-up of mold and dirt). Likewise, a disinfected duct is a health thumbs-up… but the idea of being able to then create a permanent contaminant “no-go” zone and insert a barrier to stop bacteria and micro-organisms from entering through the ventilation is something that has a huge appeal!

How it works..

The barrier, in this case, is an Ultra Violet energy chamber created by installing a small UV light device within the ducting. Placed near to the A/C, the energy chamber created will kill airborne micro-organisms and effectively purify the air we breathe.

Once the device is installed, the air quality within a room will quickly improve. This includes removing the cause of many airborne allergies and infections as well as reducing/eliminating the impact of odors, as the cause of smells (bacteria) will be vanquished! Thus, leaving you with cleaner, purer air to breathe and real peace of mind that your home (or office) is a healthy place to be…

Mr. Odd Job’s stamp of approval..

Now I remember very well stating when we started up that we wouldn’t be;

“…trying to sell gimmicks or technology that may be labeled as a lifesaver (that you never knew you needed) but just creates another point of disconnection. No, we’ll leave that to someone else.

However, we do want to help inform and educate and when we believe that there is real value to an innovation or improvement we’ll be the first to say so based on knowledge gained and our expertise in that field”.

This is certainly a device that falls into the category of innovation and improvement. UV technology has been around for a while now, is proven and is widely used in the world of medical and scientific facilities.

Our partner product comes from a German company (Hurricane Technologies) who have been designing and providing this technology to clinical and commercial customers for long enough to know what’s right and what really works (the label of “experts” can be justifiably applied)!

Of course, don’t just take my word for it (although you certainly can) but have a look and see for yourselves.

We are now able to provide and install these devices (as well as their water purification system – more details to follow!) and look forward to the chance to tell you more.

I told you it was exciting news… and if we can help you to create a healthier home (or office…) then we are a very happy bunch!