• December 6 | 2017

All that Twinkles, should not be You! Six Tips to Avoid being lit up like your tree!

Safe use of power leads and extension cables can sometimes be overlooked when the twinkling magic of fairy lights is in mind.  Overloading plug sockets and extensions can be easy to do with costly and potentially tragic results.

With so many household appliances in continuous use these days, it’s common for plug adaptors and extensions to be in use constantly. Where sockets are already fully utilized, adding in fairy lights and other powered decorations can become the proverbial straw/camel’s back scenario.

Always put safety first, avoid overloading power sockets and ensure to check and follow the tips below:

  • Do not overload sockets. Trying to power too many electrical items from one socket is likely to create overheating and other serious hazards.
  • Check wiring first. Look for any loose wiring, any indicators of heat (especially scorch marks!) and do not try to ignore circuit breakers that trip or fuses that blow. These are warning signs and need to be heeded.
  • Never try to force a plug into a socket. Here in the UAE we commonly have variants of two and three pin plugs in use. If a plug doesn’t fit properly, use a proper adaptor to ensure a safe solution.
  • Avoid running multiple power points from a single socket. This is never a good idea. Instead, just make sure that you distribute the requirement around multiple sockets (after all that is why extension cables exist).
  • Don’t turn your cables into a trip hazard. Make sure that extension cables are safely situated, even a minor trip may be enough to disturb a plug from the socket and expose the pins whilst still energized.
  • If in doubt… ask an expert!

The Mr Odd Job teams can be on hand to check out any concerns and provide a safe solution to any electrical related requirements.  Take advantage of our December discount (15% off our standard hourly rate) and make a sound investment which may just help to avoid a costly accident.

At this time of year, we want all our customers to be able to relax and think about the joys and wonders of the festive season, to be merry and safe!