• March 5 | 2018

Our Teams: A Peak Behind the Scenes at Mr Odd Job

For those of you now familiar with Mr. Odd Job and the way we work, I thank you and hope that you have had a positive experience that will bring you back to us if the need should arise! If you’re new to our site and haven’t had any reason to give us a call (yet) then welcome and I hope that you’ll bear us in mind for that next A/C conundrum or handyman job.

 For us, there’s a fine balance between wanting to be busy whilst also striving for healthy and happy homes for our customers.

 For this exact reason, we created the “Better” and “Best” Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) packages but that’s a separate story.

 Today I want to try and explain the thought behind what it is we do at Mr. Odd Job, not just the brand and business, but the people and the passion.

 We’ve recently started sharing the experiences of the guys on the ground. The chaps that are out and about doing the jobs that are helping to build our reputation and hopefully improve the perception of maintenance practitioners in Dubai (and beyond)!

 You see, we want the personal approach to be part of the way we, as people and as a business, operate. Knowing a little about the background and experiences of our team will help to create that level of confidence and comfort that we want you to feel when we arrive to carry out a job.

 The quality of work is paramount and is the reason that we look for individuals with oodles of experience and know how, handy men (excuse the pun) who really do know their trade.

 However, the personality and passion, behind the work are almost as important because we know that these are the intangibles that can make the difference between doing a good job once and performing great work for years! That is what will build those lasting relationships that will bring you many long-term benefits.

 When we have team briefings and follow up on the work that’s been completed, there’s always a bit of debate about where the line is between being helpful and maybe being a little naïve. From a business perspective doing a smidge more than agreed maybe doesn’t make sense yet, that is something we are happy to accept because we want our teams to feel good about everything they do and the urge to help is part of who they are.

 For Mr. Odd Job, we are a service business that specializes in maintenance and technical expertise… but we are first and foremost a service that wants to create a positive customer experience.

 This approach means that we will try to say YES before we say no, that we will look at our business from the customers perspective and that we always want our teams to be themselves and enjoy what they do!

 The way we work reflects this and we hope that this translates into a positive experience for all our customers. If we ever don’t get it quite right, we always value your feedback so that we can learn and improve.

 One concrete example I can share with you is about pets. We know from experience the disruption that can be caused by having people who do not know how to respond and act around animals enter the home. It can be incredibly frustrating! This is why we will be training our team on etiquette around pets. It is just one of the dozen ways we strive to better your experience when having your home worked on.

 With summer now creeping closer, we will shortly be publishing promotions and information related to A/C Specialist Cleaning, air and water quality and a few tips to beat the heat (and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean having to escape to cooler climes) …

 Until then, take advantage of our A/C Servicing promotion (20% discount) and have a think about those AMC’s… we really do recommend Preventing instead of Repairing!