• December 6 | 2017

Six tips to avoid Festive Fiascos when Decorating your House

It’s that time of year again and whilst here in Dubai we may not be so concerned with winter ice and blizzards affecting our festive season, there are still other potential hiccups to avoid (and we’re not just talking about over-indulgence).

First on the list of seasonal slip-ups to be wary of is the dusting down and sticking up of all those dazzling festive decorations.

Working at height and on ladders is always a task to be taken seriously, no matter whether you are needing to reach a couple of feet above head height (stars on trees anyone?) or scaling more Burj Khalifa-esque altitudes whilst hanging your party lights, being off the ground creates a risk that can have serious consequences. We would urge that proper precautions are always taken and these include:

  • Always have an assistant to hand. Someone to support, pass up objects and ensure that you can focus on a safe ascent and descent (again, regardless of actual height
  • Always position a ladder on flat and even ground. Ensure all points are firm, full contact with the floor and/or wall (depending on type of ladder in use
  • Never over-reach and never try to improvise. Your ladder is designed for a safe height limit, so positioning it on a footstool/table/chair/pet or partner is not a solution if you need to go a little higher.  Get the right equipment to start with.
  • Keep both hands free. You’ll need them to go up and down and always have a stable, balanced position when you need to release your grip
  • Apartment dwellers, take heed. Keep both hands free. Same rules apply if trying to use balconies (or ledges… just don’t do it) to try and find a method to reach a height. Leaning out over a precipice has many perils, including loss of balance or dropping objects.
  • First rule of safety, prevention is the best cure. Eliminate the risk and ask an expert to do the job.

With the Mr Odd Job December discount (15% off our standard hourly rate) you can easily arrange for a safe solution at a time convenient to you.  This means you can oversee with both feet safely planted on the ground or up as its maybe whilst enjoying a small glass of something mulled!