• December 12 | 2017

A Seasonal Tip for January to Save a Fortune During Summer AC Maintenance

The winter season is upon us, however, that doesn’t mean you can forget about keeping your ventilation and AC clean and serviced this time of year.

It may seem a bit illogical, that the best time to carry out a scheduled service is when the service is (in theory) least needed. Yet servicing during the winter months is exactly what we, at Mr. Odd Job, recommend!

Now that the summer is again distant (albeit still slightly sticky) memory, the patio doors and windows are finally open and we’ve even experienced some proper rain. Everyone can take a deep breath and step outdoors under the wonderful sapphire blue sky. The point is we no longer rely on our AC to create an environment in which we can live, thrive and delight. The trusty AC has done its job, so power down and let the poor chap rest.

Now is the time to book your AC a full body spa and wellness retreat (the AC equivalent anyway). From today until early April is primetime to schedule in some proper planned maintenance for your home, starting with air conditioning

Being proactive will benefit you in many ways;

  • Financially maintenance always beats repairing. It is significantly more cost-effective
  • Regular cleaning and servicing prevents defects and misalignments from developing into big repair jobs
  • Your air quality will be highly improved with regular servicing

So how does a basic (but thorough) AC service deliver all this?

Just take for example the filters (which is one of the many components to be covered within the service), if not cleaned regularly, the filters within your AC quickly gather dust. Once the dust covers the filters it will create a barrier which in turn;

  •  Causes air to bypass the filter, which delivers dust and dirt directly into your home
  • Increases energy consumption. The AC is working harder but at a tragically lower quality. A clean filter can reduce an AC units’ energy consumption by 5 – 15%
  • Can lead to odors and other unpleasant intruders which can cause sneezing, itching and other allergy-related irritants

A regular AC service will ensure the health and comfort of you and your family. Plus, when the temperatures start to creep back up again (hopefully many, many months from now, please!) you won’t need to worry about your summer cooling needs.

For now, of course, we can linger outdoors, we can revel in the ‘winter’ wonderfulness. Nonetheless, don’t forget to book that AC service!

We’ll be continuing our 10% discount throughout January & February. That’s 10% saved for you to treat yourself to something warm and filled with mincemeat (the fruity kind, preferably, but each to their own)!