• February 11 | 2018

Prevention Is Better Than Repair: Annual Maintenance Contracts, A Smarter Way To Look After Your Home

At Mr. Odd Job, we have a simple aim, we want to help improve and then maintain the environment you’re in by keeping your Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Sanitation and Electrical systems in tip-top shape.

When you consider maintaining a car it is normal to think in terms of a maintenance schedule designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly all year round and ideally, you’ll avoid waiting for it to break down before having it repaired and serviced…. Well, your house is just the same. The disruption, discomfort, and expense of repairing is a very different proposition compared to a proactive maintenance regime that will considerably reduce the headache of any home health hiccups!

Our new AMC packages reflect this as they focus on the preventative maintenance of your properties’ critical systems. Our priority is to help ensure you do not experience any system breakdowns or failures throughout the term of our contract.

We are offering three tiers of packages and we know that all are going to be highly effective.


  • 1 x Full AC preventative maintenance/servicing
  • 1 x Plumbing and Electrical preventative maintenance/servicing
  • 6 Callouts per annum (applicable to AC/ELEC/PLUMB only)*
  • 10% discount on cost of parts
  • 10% discount on additional services**
  • Transferable Package from “like-to-like” property*** 
  • Full PPM Scheduling after confirmation
  • No cancellation options

The basic package is priced at 2% of your annual rental. We recommend this option for apartments and smaller villa properties.

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  • 3 x Full AC preventative maintenance/servicing
  • 3 x Plumbing and Electrical preventative maintenance/servicing
  • 1 x External water tank cleaning (Villa only)
  • 48 Callouts per annum (applicable for AC/ELEC/PLUMB only)*
  • 25% discount on cost of parts
  • 20% discount additional services**
  • Transferable Package from “like-to-like” property***
  • Full PPM Scheduling after confirmation
  • Cancellation option per quarter only, with min 30 days notice period.

This package is priced at 3% of your annual rent. We recommend this option for larger properties.

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We aren’t throwing in lots of “added value services” that may or may not be required but will bump up the package (and price). If there is a requirement for any work outside our core business (such as a major renovation, pool cleaning, or pest control) then we will be happy to offer you our custom packages. 

Bespoke Packages


  • Tiered packages can have elements added or removed.
  • Complete bespoke packages based on the clients request are also available.
  • Pricing is based on client meeting and site visit only. *

Potential Add Ons:

  • Air and Water purification systems
  • Commercial and Residential Artwork installations
  • Pool cleaning services
  • Pest Control / Termite control services
  • Industrial / Large scale water tank cleaning services
  • Water feed line Residential/commercial pipe cleaning services
  • Bespoke Home Monitoring/detection Systems
  • Superior Interior Designing and Wall Art installations
  • Marble/Stainless Steel/varied surface restorations
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    Our aim, as mentioned earlier, is to maintain your property as a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. We are confident in the quality of our work and believe that the value of good maintenance is in the prevention of failures and not just quickly fixing something when it goes wrong (although we will do that if ever needed). However, the idea of shouting about “unlimited callouts” as a big selling point just doesn’t make sense to us, that’s like admitting that we expect to fail…. We want to prevent breakdowns not fix them!

    If we wanted to summarize everything into one line it would be;

    “The Mr. Odd Job AMC – a better way to maintain a healthy home”.

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