• October 22 | 2017

Mr Odd Job – Maintenance Services… Quality you can hang your hat on.

In keeping with our ethos of doing the simple things consistently very well, we made the decision to focus on the core services that will have a real impact in a property and then to build our business on the foundation of delivering these services exceptionally well (unremarkable so).

There are some problems that just seem to be unavoidable in the UAE and we all will have experienced the misfortune of a Dubai summer a/c breakdown or perhaps the drip drip drip from a water heater that’s about to turn into a most unwelcome deluge.

Through good planning, a little investment and competent technicians it is possible to minimise either the risk and/or the impact from such issues if and when they may occur.

At Mr Odd job, we certainly advocate prevention being the best cure and will always advise on carrying out certain services throughout the year. A/c checks obviously being high up the list.

Keeping the unit/system running smoothly isn’t only going to benefit you in keeping the summer heat at bay. Did you know that the lovely cool air that comes out your a/c can be harmful if the equipment is not being maintained properly? Anything that creates warmth, moisture and accumulated dust and dirt can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties if not kept clean and hygienic. This, in turn, will become part of the circulated air that you and your family unwittingly breathe throughout the day. Now we are not talking horror stories here but it is a fact that the quality of your air will directly impact the quality of your health. Which in turn leads to the principle that we advocate, that a well-maintained house is a healthy house, and a healthy house helps to make a happy home.

The services that we consider our core are those that can improve air quality, water and sanitation effectiveness and the electrical safety of your house. As well as some aesthetics, of course, we all know that crooked pictures and badly hung curtains can adversely impact even the most serene of mental states!

The below is an overview of our core services and we can guarantee that all works undertaken by our qualified teams will be delivered to best practice standards of safety, quality, and technical expertise.

  • Plumbing Inspections and Maintenance – to help maintain your water and sanitation efficiency
    • Water Heater replacements
    • Pump and motor repairs, servicing and replacements
    • Leak rectifications
    • Blocked drain clearance
    • Washroom fitting repairs and replacements
  • Electrical Services – home safety is essential
    • Preventative inspections for electrical wiring, circuit boards etc
    • Diagnostics and rectifications for electrical faults
    • Repairs and replacements for damaged and faulty sockets, fixtures and fittings
    • Wiring installations for large home appliances
  • HVAC Services – critical services to maintain a comfortable and healthy home
  • Handyman Services – a simple solution for those small home improvements
    • Minor touch up and painting works
    • Installing shelves, placing pictures, hanging curtains and blinds
  • Move In Support Packages – with so much else to do, those finishing touches and final details can seem like a step too far… with our support, the mountain really is just a molehill…
    • Bundled packages for plumbing, electrical and handyman services to ensure you only need to focus on the priorities (what’s for dinner and where’s the dog..?)!
  • We know that peace of mind is priceless.  At Mr Odd Job we believe that an investment in our recommended services will be money very well spent on benefits that go way beyond the tangible.