• January 15 | 2018

4 Hints from Our Maintenance Experts to Help Make Your Home Hassle Free in 2018!

New Year, a perfect time to plan ahead and apply a little tender love and care for your home.

It’s 2018! A whole new year of opportunity, achievement and adventure is upon us! This is always an exciting time as we look forward to a year laden with potential. Hopefully, we all feel recharged from the festive fun. There’s definitely a buzz in the air and it feels good!

Of course, if that buzz is a little more literal then you may want to call Mr. Odd Job and have one of our experts come by to inspect your electrics.

January is the month of planning and setting goals for everything we wish to achieve in the coming twelve months. This makes it a perfect time to start preparing a basic maintenance schedule for your home.  A creaking, poorly maintained environment will likely derail the best-intended fitness, diet and lifestyle enhancements we set to accomplish.

This brings me to my top four suggestions that will significantly alleviate the burden of home maintenance and free up some time for all your new year’s resolutions

  • First, clear any outstanding handyman tasks. Those pictures, blinds, light fixtures and fittings that were meant to go up last year… Well, there is no time like the present! Let’s get those jobs crossed off (including any persistent Festive decorations hanging on your walls. What goes up should really come back down – safely!).
  • Prepare your AC now to avoid tears later. A preventative service now will help to avoid your AC breaking down when it’s most needed during those simmering summer months that are rapidly approaching.
  • Schedule a Plumbing Inspection to carry out a health check on your sanitation systems… Whilst water heaters are notoriously difficult to predict and seemingly very fickle as they always pick the worst time to spring a leak, a Plumbing Inspection will be able to assess the visible condition of these as well as servicing pumps, cleaning filters, checking joints and generally providing a thorough health check for your water system.
  • Of course, as you’re planning ahead and wisely thinking prevention instead of “cure” then you’ve got to include your electrical system. Circuit breakers, fuses, sockets and relays – all hold an essential role in the safety of your home. Having the lights go out will be the least of the worries if there’s an issue in your wiring! That ‘buzz’ we mentioned earlier may be an early warning of something a more serious. We all know it’s better to be safe than sorry.

At Mr. Odd Job, we really do believe 2018 will be a fantastic year! There’s a lot to look forward to and much to be thankful for. We will grab every opportunity we have to help you to enjoy a healthy and happy year ahead. This is also why we’ve taken VAT in our stride and applied a 10% discount on all our services (excluding parts) until the end of February 2018.

Let’s plan for a productive year and gives us a call!