• December 27 | 2018

Why You Need To Clean Your Water Tank

Let’s be honest here. Much like the middle child, certain home maintenance gets neglected. But we all need a bit of love to function properly, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need to give your water tank a bit of attention.

  • It has never crossed your mind

According to a Dubai based study,18 out of a total 40 tested household water tanks contained different types of bacteria with concentration levels exceeding local and international standards. That tells us that nearly half of home owners in Dubai are simply unaware of how important it is to maintain their water tanks.

  • You don’t want to let these fellas in

When leaving the water tank unchecked, unwelcome squatters like bacteria, algae, fungi, mould, mildew, amoebic cysts, and even microscopic worms, larvae and other undesirable animals and plants can be getting cozy inside your water tank. This opens up the door for your water to be contaminated.

  • The uninvited stay longer than they should

Due to its dark and cool conditions, neutral pH and moisture, your unkept water tank may be housing the prolonged survival of those nasty pathogens. The World Health Organization found that some water-borne viruses like Hepatitis A, for example, can remain active in water supplies for a long time.

So how do you prevent contamination?

To best protect your water tank from any contamination, Dubai Municipality recommends that you clean out the tank at least every 6 months. 

You should also:

  • Keep all the areas around water receiving tanks and raised water tanks clean at all times
  • Check the tank’s cover, making sure it’s sealed with no gaps for anything to enter
  • Keep an eye on your water quality (i.e. water discoloration) or illness in the family home

Cleaning Your Water Tank

The process of cleaning your water tank can be quite a mammoth task – but fret not, our team here at Mr. Odd Job is ready to help and take it off your hands.

Our Water Tank Cleaning Service involves:

  • Tank, valve, pump, tap and filter inspection
  • Draining/rinsing/refilling the tank
  • Application of cleaner and disinfection sanitizer spray on the internal surface of the tank to kill 99.999 % of bacteria

And if you’re looking for that extra bit of assurance that your water quality stays clean and healthy, our stamp of approval goes this nifty little device by our partners, Hurricane Technologies. In short, it’s a UV light device (installed in your water tank) that will kill any water-borne micro-organisms and purify the water you consume daily.

Would like to schedule a cleaning? Click here, or use our live chat feature in the corner below!

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