• April 9 | 2018

8 Tips for a More Efficient Home

Make quick work of polishing up your home with these 8 tips from Mr. Odd Job!

1) No more squeaking & creaking!

2) Give your water pressure a little boost!

3) An effective home remedy for clogged sinks 🙂 For any lingering clogs, give us a call!

4) Trying to achieve that “perfect finish” can drive, even the best, of us bananas! Here’s a little tip from the industry experts.. Knackered? Give us a ring!

5) A fun way to create patterns next time you paint!

6) How to avoid sore fingers ✋

7) In Dubai, it’s unthinkable to live without our dear dependable AC. However, with our systems continuously running, a build-up of moisture 💧 and condensation can occur. Without proper maintenance, this can grow into a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This is why it’s important to service your AC regularly. We recommend 3-4 times a year 😊

8) Update your lightbulbs from low-wattage incandescent bulbs and fluorescents to daylight bulbs. These little gems will brighten up your home by simulating natural daylight. 💡 Bigger lighting emergency? Give us a ring!