• November 22 | 2018

5 Neat Ways To Save On Your Next DEWA Bill

It’s probably not news to anyone that DEWA bills during the Dubai summer months leave us with bulging eyes and a gaping mouth, and so we breathe a sigh of relief as we move into the cooler period knowing that the bill falls a bit lighter on the wallet.

And if you’re looking to hold on to as many dirhams as you can during the winter months, here are some great ways to save on your DEWA bill:

  • The big one: Turn down your A/C
    We hear this over and over again and it’s advice that mostly gets ignored during the engulfing summer heat. With the temperatures having cooled way down, however, it’s time to put it into practice. It is the main way to reduce your electricity consumption. Keep your A/C on ‘auto’ mode around 23C/24C - a comfortable temperature – so that the cooling system isn’t constantly running.
  • Give your cooling units some much needed TLC
    We tend to neglect our much-loved air conditioners even though they work around the clock to keep us comfortable. To keep your cooling units running efficiently, clean your filters regularly. Also, if your A/C unit is more than 10 years old, it’s better to have it professionally checked in case it needs replacement. Sometimes an old A/C can be the cause of high electricity consumption.
  • Cover it up
    For a more economical way of keeping it cool at home, if you have large windows facing the sun all day, get yourself some blinds or drapes to minimize the heat coming through the glass.
  • Be wise with your water
    Watering the lawn is another biggie for homeowners. Make sure your sprinkler system is programmed to water in several short sessions rather than one long one, in order for your lawn to better absorb moisture and avoid runoff. It’s also better to have the sprinklers set off early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are cooler.
  • Seek it before you leak it
    Water leakage is a known culprit for when it comes to a shocking DEWA bill. Avoid the hassle (and facepalm) and rather ask a plumber to do leak detection every 4-6 months.

For more ways to save on your utility bills, contact a Mr. Odd Job expert here!