• December 5 | 2018

10 Tools Everyone Should Have In Their Toolbox

A lot of us grew up around parents who were somewhat handy when it came to minor home repairs. If you were lucky (read: interested), you probably got a crash course in some of the basic tools. If, however, you are more of a surely-I-can-just-use-this-paperweight-to-hammer-in-some-nails type of person, then fret not - we’ve got you covered with the 10 basic tools everyone should own.

  • Hammer

A staple of the toolbox. There are several types of hammers out there, but a curved claw hammer is a common choice for versatility.

  • Measuring Tape

Let’s be honest. Using your eyes to gauge distances or relying on that old 20cm ruler is just a disaster waiting to happen. Get yourself a measuring tape.

  • Screwdriver Set

Most home projects from replacing batteries in a remote-controlled car to assembling furniture will require a screwdriver. You don’t need to splurge on some fancy brand but having a set with different sizes and head-types (flathead, Philips-head) will come in handy.

  • Drill

If you want to work smarter and not harder, get yourself a drill. Whether you’re hanging curtains, picture frames or working on some DIY project – this is your guy. You can even use a drill for screw driving to make the work easier on the hands. Go for a cordless drill if you want that extra bit of flexibility.

  • Drill Bits

No drill is complete without a basic set of drill bits. A twist (the most common drill bit) is pretty good for general purpose drilling, but it’s a good idea to have a selection of various types of drill bits in case you’re working with a specific material (wood, concrete, metal etc.). Also make sure to stock up on a variety of sizes for various purposes.

  • Wrench

If you need to tighten bolts or fix any small plumbing issues, you’re going to need a wrench. There are many types of wrenches, but a standard adjustable wrench will help you out in many situations.

  • Level

Don’t “eyeball” to make things straight. Yes, your eyesight may be 20/20 but trust us, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort if you just get that level.

  • Pliers

If you’re crafting, bending or cutting wires or need to cut with something tougher than a regular pair of scissors, you’ll need this. A good place to start is a pair of cutting pliers and a pair of long-nosed pliers.

  • Hand Saw

Though you may not be using this as often as some of the other tools, it can come in quite handy whether you need to cut branches, plywood or ties with your annoying friends (just kidding).

  • Allen Keys

You’ve probably assembled furniture a few times in your life and know that most of it is put together with hex bolts. A regular screwdriver won’t do, so instead, we need to use Allen keys (or hex keys) to turn them. As is the law with socks, Allen keys tend to disappear into the void never to be seen again – so be sure to have a set that you neatly place back into the toolbox every time you’re done using them.

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