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  • December 27 | 2018

Why You Need To Clean Your Water Tank

Let’s be honest here. Much like the middle child, certain home maintenance gets neglected. But we all need a bit of love to function properly, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need

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  • December 5 | 2018

10 Tools Everyone Should Have In Their Toolbox

A lot of us grew up around parents who were somewhat handy when it came to minor home repairs. If you were lucky (read: interested), you probably got a crash course in some of the basic tools. If, however,

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  • November 22 | 2018

5 Neat Ways To Save On Your Next DEWA Bill

It’s probably not news to anyone that DEWA bills during the Dubai summer months leave us with bulging eyes and a gaping mouth, and so we breathe a sigh of relief as we move into the cooler period knowing

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  • June 26 | 2018

We’re Partnering with Proven Purification Systems Provider

Exciting News!!We’re all aware that sometimes the spate of nasty coughs and difficult sniffs and sneezes seems to be laying siege to our way of life here in the UAE. Not that this is perhaps unusual

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  • April 9 | 2018

8 Tips for a More Efficient Home

Make quick work of polishing up your home with these 8 tips from Mr. Odd Job!1) No more squeaking & creaking!2) Give your water pressure a little boost!3) An effective home remedy for clogged sinks

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  • March 28 | 2018

Summer Is Coming!

Three words that in many parts of the world are a cause of glee and anticipation, holidays in the sun, ice creams by the beach, those lovely long days of endless possibility… Wait! Hold up? That’s

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  • March 28 | 2018

Keep Cool This Summer with Mr. Odd Job’s Summer “Serenity” Package

We understand that not everyone will want to pay for a service if there appears to be no tangible benefit. Take an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for example, for AED XXXX figure you’re buying a service

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  • March 5 | 2018

Our Teams: A Peak Behind the Scenes at Mr Odd Job

For those of you now familiar with Mr. Odd Job and the way we work, I thank you and hope that you have had a positive experience that will bring you back to us if the need should arise! If you’re new

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  • February 11 | 2018

Prevention Is Better Than Repair: Annual Maintenance Contracts, A Smarter Way To Look After Your Home

At Mr. Odd Job, we have a simple aim, we want to help improve and then maintain the environment you’re in by keeping your Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Sanitation and Electrical systems in tip-top shape.When

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  • February 3 | 2018

Three Simple House Repairs That Are Worth Doing Yourself

Your home will occasionally ask you for random repairs, unfortunately, it’s a reality we cannot escape. Yet not every household blunder calls for an industry expert.With some do-it-yourself determination

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  • January 15 | 2018

4 Hints from Our Maintenance Experts to Help Make Your Home Hassle Free in 2018!

New Year, a perfect time to plan ahead and apply a little tender love and care for your home.It’s 2018! A whole new year of opportunity, achievement and adventure is upon us! This is always an exciting

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  • December 12 | 2017

A Seasonal Tip for January to Save a Fortune During Summer AC Maintenance

The winter season is upon us, however, that doesn’t mean you can forget about keeping your ventilation and AC clean and serviced this time of year.It may seem a bit illogical, that the best time to carry

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  • December 6 | 2017

All that Twinkles, should not be You! Six Tips to Avoid being lit up like your tree!

Safe use of power leads and extension cables can sometimes be overlooked when the twinkling magic of fairy lights is in mind.  Overloading plug sockets and extensions can be easy to do with costly

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  • December 6 | 2017

Six tips to avoid Festive Fiascos when Decorating your House

It’s that time of year again and whilst here in Dubai we may not be so concerned with winter ice and blizzards affecting our festive season, there are still other potential hiccups to avoid (and we’re

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  • November 19 | 2017

Who, or more accurately what is Mr Odd Job..?

Introducing Mr Odd Job:Mr Odd Job is a Maintenance business that has been created from the experience of one too many unsatisfying interactions with the standard services offered by the usual suspects

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  • October 22 | 2017

Mr Odd Job – Maintenance Services… Quality you can hang your hat on.

In keeping with our ethos of doing the simple things consistently very well, we made the decision to focus on the core services that will have a real impact in a property and then to build our business

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