Welcome to Mr Odd Job, your trusted partner for all your maintenance needs. We’re here to help make your home and work environments healthier and safer places to be…!


​Quality troubleshooting repairs on all AC problems


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need to give your water tank a bit of attention.

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Quality repairs for AC Issues 
Optimizing performance 
Prolonged system lifecycle

Improving air quality 
Removing dust & debris 
Long lasting sanitary impact

Improving air quality 
AC efficiency 
Utility management

Tripping issues & safety checks 
New appliance installations 
Light & socket fittings

Furniture Assembly 
Fixing Shelves
Minor Works (Painting & Decorating)

Water heaters 
Water pressure problems 
Leaks & blockages

Our professional team of painters guarantee your villa, apartment or office looking the best its ever been.

Air & water purification systems. Create a permanent contaminant barrier in your water tanks and AC ducts.


Our team of certified technicians can provide a thorough cleaning service on your water tank...

About Us

Welcome to Mr Odd Job,your trusted partner for all your household maintenance needs. No communication challenges, no short-cuts,no delays, only trained professionals and a timely service performed to the highest quality and safety standards.

Who are we
and what do we do?

No, that’s not the start of an existential crisis, it’s the two questions that we regularly ask ourselves to ensure we’re all still in tune with our values and goals!

Our goal is clear

We want to improve and then maintain the environment that you are living in, whether that’s home or office, we know we can help.

Who are we
and what do we do?

We follow these four pillars.

1. No shortcuts, quick fixes and poor patch-ups. We do the job properly and take pride in our work. We won’t walk away from something that is not up to standard.

2. Customer service is not some fuzzy and vague idea that we pluck out the air as and when we feel like it. Delivering a Positive Customer Service Experience from start to finish is a statement of our intent. We actively seek personality and experience in our team members and we ask them to be their best version of themselves.

3. Being better – we don’t just want to be one of the many, we want to be better than that. This means that every day we always try and be a bit better than yesterday, so we don’t get complacent and we won’t forget what’s important.

4. Acting with consideration and int egrity. That old chestnut of doing the right thing even when no one is there to see it. Our team know that we’re all here to help and our aim is to improve the built environment. Thus, doing other things to improve what’s around comes quite naturally. Opening doors, saying good morning, being really nice to animals and just being generally good people.

By doing/being the above we know that the essentials such as Working Safe, Sustainable Practices, Delivering Quality, Innovation and Adding Value will come naturally. These are the results of having strong core values and therefore become a part of our promise to you.


Our goal is to deliver a comfortable, functional and healthy home without any shortcuts. We aim for a seamless quality experience from start to finish. Our job is not done until you’re happy.

Peter M.

Al Furjan

Pleasant experience, the technicians were knowledgeable. I will use Mr odd job again for my maintenance needs.

Masha L.

Motor City

Friendly, punctual and very thorough. Reasonable prices and flexible. I can only recommend your services.

Sue L.

Business Bay

Your team were absolutely amazing. Very patient and extremely professional. I will be phoning again in a week or so to come back for a few more jobs.

Mandy P.

The Living Legends

Our experience with the guys from Mr. Odd Job, was simply excellent! It was such a pleasant surprise to finally meet workmen in Dubai who actually knew what they were doing!

Commercial Maintenance

Mr Odd Job commercial maintenance services specializes in planned and preventative mechanical, electrical and Plumbing Maintenance with excellent A/C technical capability and a very accomplished ‘handyman’ offering.

Established in 2012 as an in-house maintenance service for the Al Tamimi Investment Company (ATI), Mr Odd Job (MOJ) was re-branded and launched to the domestic B2C market in November 2017 where we have quickly gained a very positive reputation for the quality of our work and our passion for delivering excellent customer service.

Our Services also include:

  • Property inspections
  • Asset Condition Reporting
  • Snagging

To ensure a seamless service integration our customer service and operations teams utilize an industry leading cloud based Computer Management System and mobile App solution that provides:

  • Real time information
  • Workforce resourcing efficiencies
  • Comprehensive reporting

We have thoroughly tested our processes and services within the B2C market with very positive results and know that the services we provide will equally benefit the B2B market. Our ability to maintain and support multiple properties has been established within the ATI portfolio where

we are responsible for maintaining over 75 properties, including

  • Villas & Apartments
  • Commercial Offices
  • F&B Outlets
  • Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouse

We understand the pressure points and bottlenecks of operating within the Commercial Sector and are able to commit to rapid response times, the criticality of avoiding breakdowns and,of course, high customer expectations and delivering excellent customer service.

By creating a bespoke service to fit the needs of your business we can offer a very attractive and flexible economical maintenance solution without compromising on our quality.

Still want to know more?